Friday, March 30, 2007

Pharmaceutical Research and Food Sector

Pharmaceutical Companies and Food Sector :
Communities Versus Pharmaceutical Conglomerates -
How Food Became a Casualty of Biotechnology's Promise :

Pharmaceutical conglomerates are using the agricultural sector, to underwrite their research and development efforts as they work to transform plants and animals into drug and organ factories to further their profits.

This experiment, unprecedented in human history, masquerades as a humanitarian effort directed toward growing more food and feeding more people.
How Food Became a Casualty of Biotechnology's Promise, available at, exposes how food is merely the conduit through which the pharmaceutical conglomerates hope to develop and monopolize the basic technologies that promise profits far exceeding any imaginable from high-yielding crops bearing vitamin-fortified food.

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About Michael Heimbinder, Oakland Institute Fellow and Author of the Policy Brief
- Courtesy : Oakland Institute, International Forum on Globalization

Monday, February 19, 2007

Is GM Food Good For My Health

We are asking Indian students to discuss the pros and cons of GM foods. The student with the best researched essay will be published on Indian Food Policy website, to indicate to Indian food policy makers, what Indian students, are thinking on issues of healthy food, non toxic foods, uncontaminated food, healthy eating and cooking.
The title of the essay should be "GM Food - Top Quality Food ??"

We as new generation urban Indians, have been opposed to clinical pharmaceutical trials of drugs that are not explained to Indian patients, who sign up for trials and testing conducted by foreign pharmaceutical companies.
What do we think about GM contaminated foods, food crops, food labelling, food trials, plants and contaminated fields ?

Students Discuss Quality Food

Indian Schools, Students, GM Debates in Chennai
The School - KFI, under its Urban Outreach Programme, has arranged three talks on different related themes at Ethiraj College, Loyola College, and the Asian College of Journalism between January 18th and 20th. This series of talks in Chennai city around the issue of Genetically Engineered Crops is the beginning of our effort to take important debates around health and food policies to urban consumers and youth in collaboration with CAG (Consumer Action Group). We consider this debate on GE crops as important, as this is a technology that will affect all of us as consumers of food. Ms. Kuruganti will also be attending the TN - State-level Workshop organised by the Consumer Action Group (CAG) on issues and challenges in agriculture in Tamilnadu, as part of CAG's Trade and Livelihoods programme, on the 19th of January.